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Three Things to Consider When Buying a Vintage Watch

Posted by on Nov 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

A vintage watch is a big investment, but one that could bring you many years of happiness – if you make the right choice. Whether you’re looking to purchase a vintage watch for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you’ll want to make sure it lives up to expectations. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to watches, and you might feel overwhelmed. It’s a good idea to have some idea of what you’re looking for before you start browsing, and the three categories below are a good place to start. Who the manufacturer is If you’re concerned about the future value of the watch you choose, then you’ll want to research manufacturers carefully. Big, well-known brands that are still popular nowadays are usually a pretty safe investment, but by taking a risk and choosing a lesser-known, but respected, smaller manufacturer you could profit even more in the future. It’s hard to predict value, so you’ll need to research and come to your own conclusions. Check out auction sites to gauge the availability and level of interest in watches from different makers. What material it’s made from The case metal of your watch makes a big difference to how it looks, so you’ll want to consider what you usually wear and how well it will match. If you’re a fan of gold jewellery, then getting a gold watch makes sense. Material is also important when it comes to ascertaining value and rarity. In watches by some manufacturers, two-tone designs are common and should be avoided, but in others they’re a novelty that could see your watch fetch a good price in future. Steel watches are common, but platinum and white gold are rarer – good if you want a silver colour, but not a common, low-end vintage watch. How good the condition is When deciding whether or not to purchase a watch, you’ll want to consider its condition. A poor condition can drastically decrease the price, and makes the watch look less appealing. Look at the exterior condition of the case, glass and the bracelet, but don’t forget to ask about the quality of the dial and movement too. Glass can be simple to replace, but other elements are not, and any alterations will mean the watch is not as true to its original appearance as it once was. If you’re buying a vintage watch mainly for the style, you might not be too concerned about having repairs carried out, but true collectors will stay away from watches that need extensive...

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Various Styles You Could Consider For Diamond Pendants

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When it comes to diamonds, most people associate them with rings. Granted, they make a spectacular gemstone on your finger, but diamonds are also great at complementing other forms of jewellery. Over the years, diamond pendants have become popular accessories for necklaces because it is true what they say, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Diamond pendants are great across all ages because not only are they versatile, but they also come in a number of designs. The varying styles along with the varying prices make them a popular choice among people whether you have budget constraints or not. If you are new to purchasing diamond pendant, here are some of the various styles you could consider. Solitaire diamond pendants The first is the solitaire diamond pendants. These pendants consist of a solitary diamond, hence the name. The diamond of the solitaire pendants is usually cut in two main ways; it is either a princess cut or a round cut. Solitaire diamond pendants are loved for their elegant simplicity, as the diamond is not overshadowed by any ornamentation or metal accents. Three stone diamond pendants The second design for diamond pendants is the three stone design. As the name suggests, these types of diamond pendants consist of three diamonds. The three diamonds are supposed to stand for the three ages; past, present and future. The three stone diamond pendants come in two designs. They could either be a channel set design or a prongs set design. Cross shaped and heart shaped diamond pendants The third design for diamond pendants is typically a cross shape or a heart shape. In this type of design, the diamonds may be set on a metal cross or alternatively, the diamond pendants will be the cross itself. The heart shape diamond is one of the most popular designs for diamond pendants worldwide. Geometrical and asymmetrical diamond pendants If you are not one of the conventional people, you could always have your diamond pendants made in different outlandish styles. Some jewellers are great at making diamond pendants in fancy geometrical shapes as well as asymmetrical ones. These types of pendants tend to be unique and they also give the wearer a chance to depict their personality. Diamond pendants do not only have to be in geometrical shapes, they can also be made to look like animals. For example, if you have a soft spot for butterflies, you could always get a good jeweller to make you a diamond pendant resembling that....

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Push Presents For Less Traditional Family Units

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Uncategorized |

While the tradition of a push present that rewards a new mother with a large and ostentatious piece of jewellery in return for giving birth is popular in some circles, it may not suit less traditional family units. These gifts are traditionally given by a husband to his wife. Here are some other options if you are part of a less traditional family welcoming a new baby. Lesbian and gay couples If you have two mums or dads in your family, why not exchange gifts that reflect the journey to parenthood. A pendant or ring that has everyone’s birthstone or date of birth can be a great way for both parents to carry their family story with them at all times. It can also be a great way to recognise the contribution of surrogates, egg donors or birth mothers to the process. Single mothers For some single mothers where the father of the child is no longer around, the mother’s friend or family might like to recognise this special event in her life with a special piece of jewellery. While it may not be quite the same as a traditional push present, it can be a powerful signal from the family and support network of a single mother. It helps recognise this new stage of her life, and shows their ongoing support for her in a tangible way that can become a new family heirloom for her and her child. Why not find a designer that recognises these circles of support and love, and can show it in a unique and handmade piece of jewellery? Non-married couples For couples who have made a decision not to get married, diamond rings and similar pieces of jewellery can sometime come with a heavy load of symbolism. Handmade jewellery can have a more interesting shape and story, and reflect the journey of the relationship. Unique jewellery that shows the path and history of your relationship can be a great way to recognise how far you have come as a family so far, while recognising the new family. Why not get a pendant with everyone’s fingerprint in silver clay, capturing this unique moment in time? It’s a great way to thank the mum, as well as capturing a beautiful glimpse of your baby as a tiny newborn that can be carried next to your heart. No matter what size or shape a family takes, the birth of a baby is a significant moment for a new mother. Recognising this moment with the gift of unique jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate the new mother in your social...

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Want To Sell Gold? These Factors Will Determine How Much You’ll Get For Your Items

Posted by on May 26, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Selling your gold items is an ideal way to get some cash, especially if they are damaged or if you have no use for them. The top question you are bound to have when going through this process is what you’ll get to take home after selling. There are different factors that determine how much you get to pocket. Read all about them below. Condition of the items First, the person looking to buy from you will be interested in their condition. This applies where the items in question are going to be re-sold rather than smelted and remanufactured. In the case of the latter, the buyer will simply weigh the items and damage will not be an issue. However, if your buyer is planning to resell, cosmetic damage such as scratches, dings, and dirt may harm your price. You can pre-empt this step by having your items polished. This will make them more presentable and you’ll get better quotes. Gold purity The other thing to note when selling gold items is that the purity of the gold varies. One item may have 99% gold in it and the other may have only 50%. The gold buyer will only pay you for the gold in your item. This is strictly the case where the gold will be recycled. However, if your item, e.g. jewellery, is in great shape and may be resold, you may get more due to its uniqueness, history or aesthetic value. Prevailing gold prices The price of gold is set everyday by the international commodity markets. When selling gold, your buyer will use the spot price (price of gold as of that day) to determine how much to pay. These spot prices fluctuate every day by small margins. This means you may get different quotes for the same items on different days or months, even from the same seller. Buyer commission rates Where you’re selling gold ornaments that will be resold to other buyers, your buyer will simply determine what price is profitable for them. However, if your gold is being weighed and checked against the gold spot price, the buyer will have to factor in a commission. That commission is what they get to earn for the transaction. Different gold buyers may ask for different commissions. The higher this commission is, the less you’ll get to take home. Your negotiation skills Lastly, the final buying price will also depend on how well you can negotiate. However, you can only negotiate where the appraisal is being done visually. Here, you can try to drive the price up by pointing out is value, how much you bought it for etc. This mostly applies with rare items and jewellery. However, if the gold buyer is going by prices and commission, haggling won’t be possible. Try your luck with pawn shops, gold buyers or jewelry shops. See who is willing to offer you the best rates and then make a sale. For more information, contact a business such as Gold Digger Trading...

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How to Get Better Prices for Your Gold Items When Selling

Posted by on Feb 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you have gold items that you no longer need, you can sell them to gold buyers and collect some cash in return. Some of the items you can sell include watches, necklaces, brooches and even coins and bullion bars. You can sell your gold when you’re in a financial crunch or when you just need to clear gold items that you don’t need any more, such as a defunct wedding ring. You can also sell your gold ornaments if they are damaged or you’ve misplaced one earring and so forth. Read on to learn some useful tips on how you can get the most cash for your gold items when selling. Get your gold items polished first Not everyone has shinny gold items stacked away unused. If whatever gold piece you want to sell has been lying somewhere collecting dust, it’s most likely not in its best condition. This can affect the value of your gold items during appraisal. Even if yours is just a bracelet or ring that you have been wearing often, chances are that your gold jewelry is not in its prime shape. You can change this by taking your gold items for a quick polishing first at a jewelry shop. This will clean the gold item and get it in a better condition. During appraisal, this can show the gold buyer that your items are well taken care of and therefore of good value. Sell in high market areas Another thing to note is that you will not get the same price for your gold in every shop you go. The market price of any item is controlled by demand, supply, class and other market factors. To get the best prices possible, go to up market areas. If you can, take your gold to gold buyers or a jewelry shop. Your precious gold items will also be seen to hold more credibility in such areas than at a local storefront in a neighborhood. Higher demand for gold will also see you fetch better price margins in up market areas. Check the spot price before selling Lastly, check the prevailing price of gold before you sell it. Gold is traded in international commodity and stock markets worldwide. This means the prices shift daily depending on various social, political and economic factors. By checking the price first, you get to know how much your gold item is worth when selling. However, remember gold is sold per ounce of pure gold and your jewelry may not be 100% pure, very few are. If you don’t get a good quote for your gold, you can always try several other stores and compare prices. Areas with multiple gold shops like PMT Pty Ltd, especially, are bound to offer better prices due to high...

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Understanding the Value of Gemstones

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Whilst many jewellery enthusiasts have at least a basic understanding of how the four C’s of diamonds affect the stone’s value, very few people understand what to look for when assessing the value of other precious gemstones. When you are in a jewellery store making your final decisions about a stone, however, it is important to understand its current, and indeed, future value.  To assist you in this endeavor, here is a guide to understand the value of gemstones such as, but not limited to, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, and garnet. The gemstone’s brilliance When trying to assess the value of a gemstone, looking at its overall brilliance is important.  Brilliance refers to how it catches the light, displays life, and generally, how it appears overall in the piece of jewellery that you are examining. If it is vibrant and sparkly, as opposed to dull and flat, it will generally be considered more brilliant and hence more valuable. Durability As many jewellery lovers would know, one of the reasons that the diamond is so popular is because it is the hardest, and hence most durable, precious stone. Other stones, however, are not quite as durable. The Mohs scale measures the durability and hardness of gemstones. This scale should be consulted when you are considering purchasing a gemstone to get a sense of how long the jewellery will last. Demand and rarity As with any other product, supply and demand predict the value of a gemstone. Therefore, the rarer your stone, the more valuable it will be. Unlike diamonds, for which demand has remained constant throughout for decades, the actual demand for different gemstones may change according to what is and isn’t in fashion. For example, semi-precious stones, such as jade, coral or turquoise, were more popular in the 20s, and hence would have cost more, relatively, in that period due to higher demand. So when considering the value of your gemstone, consider how rare it is in general, and also how fluctuations in fashion may change demand for it.  Don’t forget the Four C’s In addition to the three considerations listed above, for any type of gemstone, the four c’s of diamonds—colour, clarity, cut and carrot weight—will also significantly affect the value of the stone, and the jewellery.  If you are considering purchasing jewellery with gemstones, ensure you visit a jewellery store such as Matusik Jewellers with expert staff who are able to explain all elements of the stone’s worth, and help you decide whether it is the right purchase for...

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