Understanding the Value of Gemstones

26 February 2015
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Whilst many jewellery enthusiasts have at least a basic understanding of how the four C's of diamonds affect the stone's value, very few people understand what to look for when assessing the value of other precious gemstones. When you are in a jewellery store making your final decisions about a stone, however, it is important to understand its current, and indeed, future value. 

To assist you in this endeavor, here is a guide to understand the value of gemstones such as, but not limited to, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, and garnet.

The gemstone's brilliance

When trying to assess the value of a gemstone, looking at its overall brilliance is important.  Brilliance refers to how it catches the light, displays life, and generally, how it appears overall in the piece of jewellery that you are examining. If it is vibrant and sparkly, as opposed to dull and flat, it will generally be considered more brilliant and hence more valuable.


As many jewellery lovers would know, one of the reasons that the diamond is so popular is because it is the hardest, and hence most durable, precious stone. Other stones, however, are not quite as durable. The Mohs scale measures the durability and hardness of gemstones. This scale should be consulted when you are considering purchasing a gemstone to get a sense of how long the jewellery will last.

Demand and rarity

As with any other product, supply and demand predict the value of a gemstone. Therefore, the rarer your stone, the more valuable it will be. Unlike diamonds, for which demand has remained constant throughout for decades, the actual demand for different gemstones may change according to what is and isn't in fashion.

For example, semi-precious stones, such as jade, coral or turquoise, were more popular in the 20s, and hence would have cost more, relatively, in that period due to higher demand. So when considering the value of your gemstone, consider how rare it is in general, and also how fluctuations in fashion may change demand for it. 

Don't forget the Four C's

In addition to the three considerations listed above, for any type of gemstone, the four c's of diamonds—colour, clarity, cut and carrot weight—will also significantly affect the value of the stone, and the jewellery. 

If you are considering purchasing jewellery with gemstones, ensure you visit a jewellery store such as Matusik Jewellers with expert staff who are able to explain all elements of the stone's worth, and help you decide whether it is the right purchase for you.