Push Presents For Less Traditional Family Units

2 September 2015
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While the tradition of a push present that rewards a new mother with a large and ostentatious piece of jewellery in return for giving birth is popular in some circles, it may not suit less traditional family units. These gifts are traditionally given by a husband to his wife. Here are some other options if you are part of a less traditional family welcoming a new baby.

Lesbian and gay couples

If you have two mums or dads in your family, why not exchange gifts that reflect the journey to parenthood. A pendant or ring that has everyone's birthstone or date of birth can be a great way for both parents to carry their family story with them at all times. It can also be a great way to recognise the contribution of surrogates, egg donors or birth mothers to the process.

Single mothers

For some single mothers where the father of the child is no longer around, the mother's friend or family might like to recognise this special event in her life with a special piece of jewellery. While it may not be quite the same as a traditional push present, it can be a powerful signal from the family and support network of a single mother. It helps recognise this new stage of her life, and shows their ongoing support for her in a tangible way that can become a new family heirloom for her and her child. Why not find a designer that recognises these circles of support and love, and can show it in a unique and handmade piece of jewellery?

Non-married couples

For couples who have made a decision not to get married, diamond rings and similar pieces of jewellery can sometime come with a heavy load of symbolism. Handmade jewellery can have a more interesting shape and story, and reflect the journey of the relationship. Unique jewellery that shows the path and history of your relationship can be a great way to recognise how far you have come as a family so far, while recognising the new family. Why not get a pendant with everyone's fingerprint in silver clay, capturing this unique moment in time? It's a great way to thank the mum, as well as capturing a beautiful glimpse of your baby as a tiny newborn that can be carried next to your heart.

No matter what size or shape a family takes, the birth of a baby is a significant moment for a new mother. Recognising this moment with the gift of unique jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate the new mother in your social circle.