Various Styles You Could Consider For Diamond Pendants

24 February 2016
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When it comes to diamonds, most people associate them with rings. Granted, they make a spectacular gemstone on your finger, but diamonds are also great at complementing other forms of jewellery. Over the years, diamond pendants have become popular accessories for necklaces because it is true what they say, diamonds really are a girl's best friend. Diamond pendants are great across all ages because not only are they versatile, but they also come in a number of designs. The varying styles along with the varying prices make them a popular choice among people whether you have budget constraints or not. If you are new to purchasing diamond pendant, here are some of the various styles you could consider.

Solitaire diamond pendants

The first is the solitaire diamond pendants. These pendants consist of a solitary diamond, hence the name. The diamond of the solitaire pendants is usually cut in two main ways; it is either a princess cut or a round cut. Solitaire diamond pendants are loved for their elegant simplicity, as the diamond is not overshadowed by any ornamentation or metal accents.

Three stone diamond pendants

The second design for diamond pendants is the three stone design. As the name suggests, these types of diamond pendants consist of three diamonds. The three diamonds are supposed to stand for the three ages; past, present and future. The three stone diamond pendants come in two designs. They could either be a channel set design or a prongs set design.

Cross shaped and heart shaped diamond pendants

The third design for diamond pendants is typically a cross shape or a heart shape. In this type of design, the diamonds may be set on a metal cross or alternatively, the diamond pendants will be the cross itself. The heart shape diamond is one of the most popular designs for diamond pendants worldwide.

Geometrical and asymmetrical diamond pendants

If you are not one of the conventional people, you could always have your diamond pendants made in different outlandish styles. Some jewellers are great at making diamond pendants in fancy geometrical shapes as well as asymmetrical ones. These types of pendants tend to be unique and they also give the wearer a chance to depict their personality. Diamond pendants do not only have to be in geometrical shapes, they can also be made to look like animals. For example, if you have a soft spot for butterflies, you could always get a good jeweller to make you a diamond pendant resembling that.