Inherited a Ring You Can't Wear? Here's What to Do

4 August 2017
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Inheriting a piece of jewellery is really special. It's a lovely way to remember a loved one who's passed on and makes a wonderful heirloom that can stay in the family for generations. But what if you inherit a ring that you can't wear for some reason? Don't despair. With help from a professional jewellery repair service, most rings can be successfully resized or repaired, giving them a new lease of life while restoring them to their former jewellery.

Read on for details of some common problems with inherited rings, plus advice on how to fix them:

Too Dirty? Have It Professionally Cleaned

Has the ring been sat gathering dust for who knows how long? Sometimes rings may appear to be tarnished beyond repair when all they really need is a professional clean. Many stores offer a free jewellery cleaning service, where they'll also identify any other issues that might need attention. They'll give you advice on how to care for the ring going forward and recommend the best cleaning products for home use.

Too Big/Small? Get the Ring Resized

Rings can be made larger or smaller without any sign that work has taken place. A repair specialist will use a ring resizer to measure your hand and create a perfect fit. Alternatively, you can provide them with a ring that you know fits you well, and ask them to make your inherited ring the same size. The resizing will be completely seamless and won't alter the appearance of the ring in any way.

Missing a Stone? Have a Replacement Sourced 

If your inherited ring is missing a crucial stone, you might think it's beyond repair. Luckily, that's not the case. Whether it's a ruby, diamond, emerald, or other precious stone, any good repair service will be able to source a replacement that's as close as possible to the original. It helps if you have photographs of the ring before it was broken, know the make of the ring, or can provide similar rings for reference. 

Broken or Squashed? Arrange Specialist Repair

Even when the damage seems severe, repair is usually possible. Rings which have been bent completely out of shape can generally be restored back to their original condition without too much trouble. Rings with breakages in the band or missing prongs can also be restored using replacement prongs and soldering. Even if all hope seems lost, it's worth a visit to a repair store to check. You'll likely see many examples of similar repairs they've undertaken.

Sad that you can't wear an inherited ring? Contact a jewellery repair specialist and you'll soon be able to enjoy your heirloom.