3 Things You'll Need To Provide Ear-Piercing Services At Your Home-Based Salon

26 March 2019
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Running a home-based hair and beauty salon is a popular choice for many mothers. It's a great way to make an income which provides flexibility and freedom. One of the keys to running a successful home-based salon is offering a range of services to increase the number of revenue streams.

As well as offering a range of beauty and hair services, many home-based salon owners have diversified by also offering ear-piercing services. If you'd like to branch out and offer ear-piercing in your home-based salon, here are three things you'll need to purchase.

1. An ear-piercing gun

Although some ear piercers prefer to pierce by hand, an ear-piercing gun is the simplest and most convenient choice for most people. They're easy to use and make the whole process faster and less painful for your clients.

Ear-piercing guns can be purchased from suppliers that specialise in ear and body-piercing supplies. They generally come with a comprehensive training manual or video that will give you the skills you require to use the gun correctly.

2. A range of earrings

As well as an ear-piercing gun, you'll need a range of earrings for your clients to choose from when they get their ears pierced. You'll need to use special pre-packaged earrings that are designed to be used in the brand of gun you've purchased. They come in hygienically sealed pods to ensure that the process is sterile.

It's a smart idea to choose a varied range of earrings to provide your clients with a range of choices. Choose a mix of sterling silver, gold-plated and stainless steel earrings and include a choice of different coloured faux precious stones. It's also advisable to offer a number of small earrings for children.

3. Aftercare products

As well as providing the piercing and the earrings, you'll need to have a range of aftercare products to offer your clients. As well as ensuring their piercing is properly cared for and won't result in an infection, this is also another way to increase your revenue on your ear-piercing services.

The best aftercare products for ear-piercing are either a simple saline spray or a special antiseptic spray that's designed for this purpose. You can purchase these wholesale from the company that supplied your gun and earrings and then add your profit margin to create a sales price. You can also purchase sheets of aftercare information to send home with your clients.

For more information on buying body-piercing kits, contact your local suppliers.