5 Best-Kept Secrets When Purchasing Custom-Made Engagement Rings

1 January 2020
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When shopping for the perfect engagement ring, it's always challenging to choose from thousands of available designs. The selection process is tedious – from checking stones, cuts, carats, quality and third-party certifications. You can avoid all this stress by going for custom-made engagement rings. You always have full control while choosing your preferred ring. What makes buying custom-made engagement rings a viable option? 

Here are five of the best-kept secrets from the tailor-made jewellery industry:

Tailor-Made Just for You

When you approach a master jeweller for a unique ring, you skip the middlemen. It means you don't need permission to choose your engagement ring. Instead, with your creativity, you can share your vision with a gifted jeweller. Whatever your preferences are, a skilled jeweller can work closely with you to create a stunning piece. 

More Focus on Quality

Designing a one-off ring takes exceptional levels of skill and care as compared to off-the-shelf jewellery. Reliable jewellers do not produce custom-made rings with an insatiable drive to minimise costs. Instead, they treat each ring as a unique piece of art that depicts their craft. They spend hours perfecting each piece using high-grade diamonds or gold to create a flawless ring that you have precisely envisioned. 

Creating an Emotional Connection

Custom-made engagement rings come with a sentimental and idea-inspired touch. It allows the connection with the designer and helps them to create your story. Furthermore, it helps you to appreciate their production style and materials chosen alongside their logic. Custom-made means you take part in designing the final piece. Thus, you will be investing in a custom piece and a story that you'll pass on to future generations. 

Great Value for Money

For any couple planning to get married or engaged, the budget factor is of paramount essence. With the rising living costs, there is a need to save more money. When considering buying custom-made engagement rings, you want the best quality at the most competitive offer. The advantage of purchasing directly from the jeweller is a better price offer.  Besides, you will be cutting out intermediaries and avoiding extra expenses. 

Bypassing Global Supply Chains

Finally, contemporary supply chains are highly complex, and it's hard to determine who created a particular item. Worse still, it's not easy to ascertain the manufacturing conditions and raw material sourcing. However, linking directly with a custom-made jewellery designer helps bypass the whole supply chain. It addresses these concerns and assures you of the quality of your custom-made engagement ring.

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